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  LabelTasks 1.2 - Manifesto 12/11/2019 11:00pm (UTC)

Leaking Revenue

Retailers everywhere, that are not displaying pricing in an adequate way, are hurting themselves through their lack of communication with their customers. By omitting the use of shelf label price display facilities, a crucial dimension of retail business methodology is being ignored.

We're all used to the supermarket retail chain method of price presentation and special offer / multi buy communication with banners and shelf edge labels; the methods which are deployed by those in that business ensures that they are able to stay in that business.

Realistically priced cost display tools

It is also possible for the independent retailer to avail of the same implements whilst keeping the overheads to do so at a minimum. Basic information such as product price, price per unit (kilo / litre) with other promotional information can be easily presented on shelf labels or adhesive product labels so that full confidence is instilled in the retailer from the customer's perspective. This brings through a feeling that prices remain static over a duration of time, and do not fluctuate randomly.

There is a misconception that the process of conventional retail price display is a costly one (in both time and money) and this need not be the case.

LabelTasks 1.2 is one such product, which only requires a laptop / PC with at least Windows 98, 2000, XP or Vista to run - along with a windows compatible printer.


How many customer's walk into a local independent retailer's shop and upon not finding the price of an item anywhere, walk back out again? This is an unknown quantity, as they're never around long enough to ask and more than likely do not provide repeat business.

No price display means that an impression of 'Rip Off Culture' is perceived with regard to the retailer concerned - this is an unfair assessment of how retailers operate.

The importance of shelf edge label price display cannot be driven home hard (or fast) enough! No matter what the size of the outlet, no matter what the product (beers, wines, spirits, confectionary, grocery or non foods) - it's all crucial to the buying psychology of the customer.

No customers = No money

Common Sense

This may seem like common sense, but because many retailers will rely on the good faith of customers who know and trust them regarding their selling prices, this says nothing to new customers which are passing through on a regular occasion or who have just moved into their locality,

First Impressions

First impressions count, and no more so when trying to wow new customers. Shelf labels with clear and large print price values, along with full product descriptions are a bare minimum of what consumers expect to see in any retail outlet these days. In order to shift lines which are not the regular sellers, they are an important tool in making sure that the pricing structure of these goods is communicated effectively.

With some effort and a little attention to the upkeep of how price display is dealt with in their stores, retailers can be doing the most they are able to in order to communicate the necessary information to their customers regarding and influencing their buying decisions.


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  LabelTasks 1.2 - Shelf Label Management for Retailers
•Professional shelf edge labelling
•No back office stock management system required
•Easy to install & use
•30 days support
•Any currency configuration (US$, GB£, EUR€ etc.)
•Cost effective
•Works with Windows PC & any Windows compatible printer
•Range of label styles and templates available
•Includes unit pricing information (Price per Litre, lb, kg etc.)
•Free 15 use trial period of Label Tasks
  LabelTasks 1.3 - Shelf Talker Management for Wholesale
•Professional shelf edge labelling
•No back office stock management system required
•Easy to install & use
•30 days support ( Includes back office system intgration where possible)
•Any currency configuration (US$, GB£, EUR€ etc.)
•Works with Windows PC & any Windows compatible printer
•Range of label styles and templates available
•Includes RRP, VAT and Promotional Offer information.
•Free 15 use trial period of Label Tasks 1.3
  LabelTasks GO! - Free Shelf Labelling software
A work around for retailers who need to get started with printing Shelf labels quickly.
Prints product description, price and barcode.
  PalletStar 2.0 - SSCC Compliant Pallet Labelling
An off the shelf SSCC Pallet Labelling solution which couldn't make things easier when it comes to ensuring Tracking & Tracability is adhered to in your line of industry.

Produce standard Pallet and case labels which are in line with the industry standard formats which other vendors have come to expect.

Operate as a stand alone system, or integrate with current Logistics software.
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